Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Time

I love all the time off I have in the summer, but it always seems that I am even busier during these months. Let's see.... Since I last blogged many things have taken place. Our Danica had her first birthday and she's definitely a sassy little thing that manages her way around the house just fine! We've had many fun summer days playing in the baby pool or throwing "water bubbles" (balloons) as Ryan calls them. Ryan started preschool in June and already knows 17 letter sounds! He loves learning and we are so proud of him. The sad news, Steven lost his father at the end of June. We are so sad not to be able to see him any longer but have explained to Ryan that he doesn't hurt anymore and that he is in heaven with God. We had a fabulous Father's Day with him and Ryan will remember his Grandpa Steve to be so happy. Here are a few pictures from the last couple of months.

Fourth of July fireworks

Fireworks with Uncle David.

Slip in Slide fun.

In the baby pool.

Uncle Gary helps Dani on the Slip in Slide.

Cousin Sam has fun too.

Father's day with Grandpa Steve. we love him and miss him so much.

Water bubbles!!!!

I'm sooooo cool!

Mmmmm! Blue Popsicles in my underwear!

Every girl has to feed her baby.

Minnie Mouse.

Birthday cake time.

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