Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Time

I love all the time off I have in the summer, but it always seems that I am even busier during these months. Let's see.... Since I last blogged many things have taken place. Our Danica had her first birthday and she's definitely a sassy little thing that manages her way around the house just fine! We've had many fun summer days playing in the baby pool or throwing "water bubbles" (balloons) as Ryan calls them. Ryan started preschool in June and already knows 17 letter sounds! He loves learning and we are so proud of him. The sad news, Steven lost his father at the end of June. We are so sad not to be able to see him any longer but have explained to Ryan that he doesn't hurt anymore and that he is in heaven with God. We had a fabulous Father's Day with him and Ryan will remember his Grandpa Steve to be so happy. Here are a few pictures from the last couple of months.

Fourth of July fireworks

Fireworks with Uncle David.

Slip in Slide fun.

In the baby pool.

Uncle Gary helps Dani on the Slip in Slide.

Cousin Sam has fun too.

Father's day with Grandpa Steve. we love him and miss him so much.

Water bubbles!!!!

I'm sooooo cool!

Mmmmm! Blue Popsicles in my underwear!

Every girl has to feed her baby.

Minnie Mouse.

Birthday cake time.

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Ryan and Grandpa Steven

Ryan and Grandpa Steve comparing their hair cuts. So Sweet! We will miss you dearly Grandpa Steve!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Pics and Other Stuff

Daddy and Ryan feeding the ducks on Easter
Doesn't everyone sit inside their dresser drawers????
Sam and Dani! Love this picture!

Mama and Ry on Easter
Daddy and Ry at Disneyland on the cars. Ryan was so giddy when Daddy let him drive!

It's already May?....and our little Danica is almost ONE! Really? It feels like just yesterday we brought her home. She is walking all over the place...I'm sure just to keep up with her brother! Summer break is almost here (I can't wait) and warmer weather has come..and gone...and come again. Crazy weather can't seem to make up it's mind! Our Ryan is starting preschool in a few weeks, and our Danica is almost completely off formula and into a big girl car seat! Yea!

Just a few pictures to share until next time.
Ryan and Dani getting ready to color Easter eggs.
Ryan touching the sea stars at Sea World
Dani girl's first steps
Papa Chuck and Dani on Easter
Cute as a bunny!
Grandpa Steve and Dani on Easter
Hunting for eggs
Dani's 10 month check up
Us on Easter
Easter surprises from Grandma and Papa

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Fun!

I love Spring break! Having breaks from work always makes me feel like a better mommy! My house always seems cleaner, my kids seem a little more calm and we have way more fun together because there's no stress about having to hurry off to work and daycare the next day! Too bad Daddy doesn't get a Spring break. Daddy and I even got to go to Vegas for a few days while Grandma and Papa watched the kiddos. We've never left them, but it was a nice break and a nice time for Mommy and Daddy to spend together. We even finally got to see a real show while in Vegas! Yeah.
As for life around here, I can't decide if summer has actually begun! It was 97 degrees the other day. But.... then again, it says we're expecting rain on Saturday! Crazy weather I say! But it allowed for a few water filled days for my Ryan and Dani to put on their swim suits and play outside with the hose. Ryan had a blast. Dani hasn't reached a verdict just yet, but I'm sure she'll come around. I can't wait to get her out on the boat this summer. I can hardly believe she's already going to be a year next month. Where does the time go?
Spring break has also allowed Ryan and I to make lots of delicious treats. Since Ryan loves to bake, we've made whoopie pies (thanks Donna) and dark chocolate brownies from scratch. We usually just make them from the box, but if you don't have an extra box of brownies lying around, you just have to make them the old fashioned way. It was so easy and I think they may be the best brownies I've ever tasted. I love Epicurious! If you've never used the app or website, they have some great recipes. And the whoopie pies, MMMMM! Mom and Daddy said I should add more frosting next time, but they were still oh so tasty dunked in coffee!

Ryan and our bear, I mean dog! Such a good dog! He loves to play in the hose too!
Dani girl and Krash. Don't we all wish we could look as cute in a bathing suit like that!
Playing with the hose.
Spraying Mommy
Junk in my trunk????
Pretty as a picture
Dani in the sunlight
Ryan pushing Dani on one of those weird weather days.
Sweet kisses

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!

It's finally Spring! Time for our lilies to bloom, warmer weather and longer days! Yea! Dani stops to smell the flowers! I wanted to upload more pics to share, but for some reason, they just won't upload right now. I'll have to try again later. Happy Spring everyone!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Already March???

Just a few pictures to update the blog. Can't believe it's already March! Can't wait to change the clocks and have daylight last a little longer each day! I can't believe this school year is almost over either. I've almost made it through a year of kindergarten! Yay! Well, Dani is sure to be walking soon, and Ryan may not make it to 4 LOL. He's become quite the conversationist and he likes to TRY to negotiate with mommy and daddy! I might not make it to 4! Other than that, he can be a very sweet little boy, whom I love dearly!
Well, we did name her Danica!
Trying to take a quick pic. before the self timer clicked
Cousin Jennah, Dani and Ry
Well, we can only control so much....... Cowboy thinks Dani is her baby.
Danica in Daddy's dirty hat... still cute!
Playing Legos and trains with brother
Ready to race
Ryan, explaining the rules to his little sister.
Don't know what the face is all about, but Makayla and Dani seem happy :-)
Ryan and his future wife!
Dani, playing at the park.
Dani and Ry
First time swinging! With two ear infections, she lasted about five minutes. Not too bad!
Here comes the bride...... I think this picture will look so cute on the reception tables at their wedding! Lol Makayla and Ryan. Best friends!